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A highly cheesy and creamy side dish with sliced smoked sausage is what you get when you make cheesy potatoes with smoked sausage. This potato dish is the epitome of cozy fare and may be enjoyed either as an appetizer or a main course

No dish can top beef and potatoes, not even Cheesy Potatoes, which are my absolute favorite easy side dish. Both may be found in each mouthful if you follow this recipe. This side dish gets its savory, meaty taste from the chunks of smoked sausage that are included in it.

These potatoes are covered in a delicious layer of cheese. Very similar to macaroni and cheese, however, the potatoes take the place of the pasta. I use a mixture of Velveeta cheese and strong cheddar cheese in my recipe. Even though a lot of people don’t like Velveeta cheese, my favorite part about making cheese sauce with it is how creamy and smooth it becomes. By using Velveeta, there is no possibility that the cheese sauce would separate or become gritty. The Velveeta contributes a great deal of creaminess, and one cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese brings the taste of cheese to a whole new level

It is not necessary to brown the sausage beforehand since it has already been completely cooked, but I find that smoked sausage tastes best when it has been browned and is crispy on the outside. That really enhances the taste. Any kind of smoked sausage will do for this recipe. My favorite is kielbasa.

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