Creamy baked fish on potato gratin


Creamy baked fish on potato gratin

This dish gives off very French-country vibes. Which, in hindsight, is rather unsurprising given it’s a recipe that our very own Chef JB just casually threw together one day. We ate it, loved it so much, declared it was “website-worthy” then proceeded to remake it…oh, I don’t know. Maybe 10, 12 times before we were fully happy with it and closed out all the “what ifs”?


Basically, it’s a creamy potato gratin, heavy on the leek (or onion), with fish that is baked on top at the same time, covered in a crunchy golden breadcrumb topping. So essentially, the breadcrumb topping acts as a lid, keeping everything steamy and succulent as the fish bubbles away in the creamy sauce while the gratin soaks up the tasty fish juices.


It’s just an all-out cosy dish of delicious cosiness!

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