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My first memory of eating the wonderful chocolate pie was on a typical Sunday afternoon after church at my grandmother’s home, which happened to be on an average Sunday afternoon. The family was still seated at the dinner table, enjoying their Sunday meal.

I was still little enough to be seated at the children’s table at the time. I, on the other hand, was not satisfied with the kid’s fare. I made my way silently toward the buffet, where, as far as I was concerned, the genuine food was being served.

I quietly cut a piece of the chocolate pie off the counter and tiptoed back to the table, where I consumed the greatest dessert I had ever tasted.

It became one of my cooking goals later in life to reproduce that chocolate pie, which I eventually accomplished. The formula would have to be foolproof, indestructible, and straightforward to be effective. Most importantly, it would have to provide them the same happiness that I had on that Sunday so many years ago as a result of my grandmother’s pie. I began by requesting my grandmother’s recipe. As I worked my way through the recipe and attempted to prepare it, I encountered a slew of issues, each of which had a solution, and it was my responsibility to identify them. It was my responsibility to develop the ideal formula that

would provide consistent outcomes.

I’m writing this article to first and mostly share my enthusiasm about this chocolate meringue pie. However, the second reason is to spare you the time and effort of having to create 100 pies before you find the right pie recipe.

There is a third reason: starting a tradition with this pie is a wonderful way to start a new year. For all of those special occasions, I want you to have this recipe in your back pocket, and I want you to be able to create it from memory.

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