Keto Cream Cheese Chocolate Pound Cake

This keto cream cheese chocolate pound cake recipe is rich, moist, and flat-out dreamy. It’s everything you love about a traditional cream cheese pound cake, except that it’s chocolate and keto-friendly.

It’s a decadent keto chocolate pound cake that is sure to satisfy your craving for a dark chocolate cake while on a ketogenic diet.

And because it’s cream cheese chocolate pound cake, the texture is moist and dense and, as a bonus, high in protein.

Whether you are looking for a recipe to silence the sweet tooth of a chocolate lover or for a special occasion, this keto chocolate cake is made easily in a loaf pan or two.

My recipe for low carb chocolate pound cake was inspired by my well-loved keto cream cheese pound cake. It’s a favorite in the keto community.

Loaded with chocolate flavor, this keto chocolate pound cake recipe uses simple ingredients like almond flour.

But I also have a keto chocolate coconut flour pound cake if you are looking for a keto pound cake recipe that is nut-free. 

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