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Recipes like this mouthwatering pork chop served in a wonderful sauce with onion and mushrooms are a staple in many households. This mouthwatering meal will win over even the most finicky diners.


Two years ago, a friend of mine sent me the recipe for Smothered Pork Chops with Onion and Mushrooms. She had received it from her Nana, who had received it from her Auntie Nettie, who had received it from her Mum. In any event, when I had them for the first time, they were really delectable, and their consistency was perfect.


As soon as we started preparing pork chops in this way, it quickly became one of our favorite methods to prepare these bite-sized babies! We like the fact that the majority of the preparation time for this meal consists of nothing more than briefly frying the pork chops and creating the simple gravy before stepping back and allowing it to work its magic.

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