Simple and Easy Cream Puffs

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Don’t be afraid to make Cream Puffs! These little treats are so easy to make and taste as good, if not better than store bought ones.

Mmmmm Cream Puffs!

I have an idea that involves these little treats, and I can’t wait to share it with you! But first, I’ll share the basic recipe… and stay tuned for a fun and scrumptious little twist to the cream puff!

Easy Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread with Biscuits

Now, don’t be afraid to make these…I have always wanted to make cream puffs, but was afraid to. Why? I’m not sure. They are surprisingly so easy! And I know this seems kind of weird to say, but they are actually cream puffs. Like the ones you buy in stores. A real cream puff.

Look at that! A real cream puff. That I made from scratch! Amazing! 😉

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