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Strawberry and Jelly Cake is a way to cake with a new taste, you can present it to your family members after eating a meal, especially in hot weather, to give them a feeling of comfort and freshness.


  • ° 2 cups flour
  • ° Baking powder bag
  • ° 1/4 cup ghee or corn oil
  • ° A cup of sugar
  • ° an egg
  • ° Vanilla bag
  • ° A cup of milk
  • ° Jelly box
  • ° Strawberry chunks

German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars


1- Beat the eggs and vanilla with the milk, sugar, ghee or oil in a blender

2- Mix the baking powder with the flour and put them on the liquid mixture a part and turn in a semicircle in the same direction

3- Grease a tray of oil or ghee and put the mixture on it and leave it in the oven for 1/2 hour without opening the oven

4- After the cake is done, let it cool down, then put it in the refrigerator

5- Flatten the jelly according to the package instructions and leave it in the freezer until it solidifies

6- Put the strawberry pieces on the jelly

7 – We put the cake on the jelly and strawberries, then turn it in another tray until the jelly is on the face



By KhaliL

One thought on “Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake”
  1. I’m totally confused. There’s no oven temperature. May I ask what the heck is Jelly box & Vanilla Bag

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